“I can’t tell you how much those glute muscles were limiting movement in my pelvis.
I can feel my legs rotating more as I walk and feel much less tense in my lower back.”

FlexBack is here to get you back on track to a life that is pain free and to optimum sporting performance.


Everyday we push our bodies to their max, whether it’s sitting at a computer, leaning over looking at phones or tablets, driving for hours or maybe taking on new sporting challenges in our 30s or 40s after many years out. Sadly our body doesn’t always keep up with our mind or willpower and tensions within the body generate pain.


Soft tissue work aims to improve the quality of the muscles, tendons and ligaments in our bodies and this can have a massive effect on the quality of our lives and reduce pain in specific areas.


The FlexBack clinic is based at Inspired Training, Unit 1, Church Lane, Norton, Worcester WR5 2PS. It is also possible to arrange home visits if required.

Ellen can help with:

Reducing chronic muscular pain

Rehabilitation after sporting injuries

Improve flexibility and movement

Identify + address postural problems

Help muscle imbalances in the body

Contact Ellen Woodley on 07854 750749 or email ellen@flexback.co.uk

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